Customer's Negative Review

"Everytime i took my car to this shop something new had to be fixed after each visit.... Such as a simple oil change. As soon as i got home i checked my oil and trans fluid. Nothing had been changed, in fact there was barely any when i checked, and i know for a fact my car doesnt burn or leak fluids. Also, it took them two and a half weeks to figure out how to install a new catalac converter. And on top of that, i had a sway bar installed and got it back with one bolt missing and one bolt loose enough to unscrew by hand that was connected to my steering; along with two bad new used tires that i got installed as well. I will say the owner richard is very nice and helpful, but the mechanics are all bs and will try to screw you over."

Twin Automotive's response:

August 2011

Before we begin please note:

1) Mr. Elbein never complained about any work done for him at Twin Automotive to any staff or manager.

2) Mr. Elbein kept returning to Twin Automotive requesting maintenance & repairs.

Mr. Aaron Elbein is a young man with a bright, yellow 2001 Lexus IS300. Mr. Elbein first came to Twin Automotive in August of 2011 with a vehicle that had been so badly abused that is was unsafe to drive. Mr. Elbein was informed of this and it was noted in his records.

The vehicle at some point had been airborne and landed so hard that the entire mid-section of the vehicle frame was bent. The front end was so badly bent that the vehicle could not be aligned.

In mid-August 2011, Mr. Elbein asked for Twin to check as to the reason his check engine and ABS lights were on, and for the loud popping noise from the front end of his vehicle. We did so, and in the process found a loose bolt under the front end of his vehicle. Mr. Elbein only wanted the loose bolt tightened. We did as he requested. No other work was done to Mr. Elbein's vehicle.


Sept. 2011

In mid-September 2011, Mr. Elbein returned with a request for Twin to examine his vehicle a 2nd time. The list of items he requested to be checked is as follows: catalytic converter, ABS light (we had already done this previously), traction control light, check all brakes, quote to change the oil, and to check the passenger side running lights.

Mr. Elbein also requested estimates for the following: cost to convert the automatic transmission into a manual transmission (we told Mr. Elbein that this was not advisable - and to attempt it would be very time consuming & costly), and the cost to convert his exhaust system to make it much louder. He asked for estimates to repair dents and cracks on his trunk, the cost to replace his passenger door side mirror, the cost to paint his bright yellow vehicle completely black, and the cost to shim out his passenger side door. He also requested repairs to a broken out tail light and a broken loose rear side panel.

These estimates all took time, at no cost to Mr. Elbein, but Mr. Elbein left having no work done.


Oct. 2011

In mid-October 2011, Mr. Elbein requested that Twin perform the following for him: install a new sway bar (we told him that it would need end links if he had this work done), replace 2 front tires (both were worn completely through with chords showing chunks of rubber missing from the sidewalls).

At this point, it is important to note that we cautioned Mr. Elbein that his vehicle would quickly wear out any tires he put on his vehicle because of the condition of the front end frame, and that the frame would have to be corrected if he did not want his vehicle eating up his tires. Mr. Elbein decided to replace the tires anyway, and he chose to have used tires put on instead of new ones. Mr. Elbein also requested that we replace his rear catalytic converter based upon codes being displayed by his vehicle.

Twin replaced his sway bar, end links, and two front tires as he requested. No other work was performed on Mr. Elbein's vehicle.

Mr. Elbein elected to have his catalytic converter shipped from a wholesaler to save him cost, and he was informed that the shipping for this part would take approximately 10 days. The time for shipping was completely out of the hands of Twin Automotive.

During the entire time waiting for the catalytic converter, Mr. Elbein had complete use of his vehicle, and was in no way inconvenienced. His reference to taking 2 1/2 weeks to figure out how to install a catalytic converter is a false statement.

One would think that after 2 months, if Twin were as bad as Mr. Elbein makes us out, why would he keep coming back?

Late Oct 2011

Two weeks later, Mr. Elbein returned and requested the following: check the under hood latch (it had been broken off at some point during the past few days), check for an oil leak (as he believed his oil was leaking and creating a burning smell under his vehicle), and he requested an oil change to his vehicle.

No leaks of any kind were found, and no smell was noticed. Oil change was done that same day.

Mr. Elbein states that we failed to change his transmission fluid. A careful check of all of Mr. Elbein's service and service requests was made for this posting, and no request was ever made to have us service his transmission fluid. No service was ever done to his transmission fluid.

Early Dec. 2011

Mr. Elbein brought his vehicle in, after having made a weekend trip to Texas. He informed the staff at Twin that he had been in a highway accident that involved loss of control of his vehicle, spinning around, and ending up bottoming out against the underside of his vehicle. Mr. Elbein attributed the accident to loose highway paving that gave out as he drove over it.

He informed us that the vehicle now would not drive above approximately 30 mph. Our engine performance tech, with over 25 years of experience, tested the vehicle. Twin found that when Mr. Elbein left the roadway, he damaged the exhaust system under his vehicle, including the two front end catalytic converters. The internals of the converts were disintegrated, flushing the parts through the rear (new) catalytic converter that had just previously been installed in Oct. 2011.

For a second time, Mr. Elbein opted to wait for the shipping of the catalytic converters, which would save him considerable expense, and for which he now complains it took so long.

I can see not realizing that you might experience a delay longer than you actually expect while waiting for shipping the first time around, and maybe even misunderstand, but the second time? Mr. Elbein is not being honest with his evaluation comment. Mr. Elbein chose the part to order, and understood the delay associated with that choice. He states that is was due to learning how to put on a catalytic converter. This is absolutely a false statement made by Mr. Elbein.

Mid Dec. 2011

Finally, in late December 2011, he scheduled to have additional maintenance done on his vehicle before traveling for the holidays. He failed to show for this appointment, and did not call to reschedule.

At no time did Mr. Elbein make any type of complaint about the work done by Twin, and at no time did he request any work done by Twin be done over. All our work is warrantied. If so bad, why not request the work to be redone?

He did not complain, and he kept coming back. He decided what work would be done, when, and how it would be done.


We at Twin can prove that his review is very much in error and that he has made several false statements.

You be the judge.