Customer's Negative Review

"Not a good experience. The owner is a nice guy but shouldn't be in the repair business. I can't recommend this company to anyone I care about."

Twin Automotive's response:


Mr. Adams, after attempting to work on the vehicle himself, asked for help on a project needing a lot of work, while he insisted on having a short deadline. From the start, Mr. Adams was told the work could be done if the correct parts were available.

The vehicle needed a substantial amount of specialized parts that Mr. Adams insisted on supplying himself, but could not find the correct parts to supply. So, as his self-imposed deadline approached, most of the available work time was spent waiting on the customer to supply parts that never arrived, which brought work to a standstill on many occasions.  Many parts were not provided at all.

In the end, Bill Adams conceded that he was unable to supply the parts and that over one half the work he had originally requested could not be accomplished due to his desire to orchestrate the parts parade, and ship a vehicle that had not yet been completed.

All the work we did do for Mr. Adams was complete for shipping the vehicle, done on time within his unrealistic time schedule, and under the budget that he had originally agreed to prior to work commencement.