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Negative Review about Twin Automotive

"Don't EVER take your car here for repairs we had my son's car fixed there replaced the radiator, and almost a week later he needed a new transmission!?!? Also my friend took his car there and the new part replaced was installed upside down!!!! We paid $2,100 for my sons Honda two months ago it was running great until we took it to twin!!! They said we should keep it and fix the transmission for $2,500!?! We said NO WAY!!! So now they want to buy the car for $200.00!!!! Forget them we're buying a better car my son deserves it. I told my boyfriend my son's new car, and my car will NEVER be touched by their mechanics!! They also said whatever car you buy bring it here so we can inspect it hahaha no way in hell!!! I'm NOT stupid!!! But thanks for trying lol!!!"


Twin Automotive's response:


This woman's son is Alan Kettner, and has been a long time customer in good standing with Twin Automotive, and continues to be to this day. Mr. Kettner brings in his vehicle each and every time something happens, to have it repaired within a timely manner.  He does not let the maintenance on his vehicles pile up.


The vehicle this woman is referring to is 16 years old, and has only been to Twin Automotive two times since Mr. Kettner purchased it used, with 187,614 miles on it. That is nearly 200,000 miles on a 16-year-old vehicle!


We have a pre-purchase program where customers may bring in their vehicle they are considering for purchase to have it inspected by Twin before they sign off with whoever is selling the car.  Alan did not take advantage of this program prior to his purchase of the Honda.  In any case, there is no mechanic that can "predict" a sudden internal failure of a part that has not shown any signs of problems in the past.


On 08-24-2016 Mr. Kettner brought in his Honda Accord, which he had recently purchased, because there was a coolant leak.  That leak turned out to be a cracked radiator, and was replaced at Mr. Kettner's direction. Once it was repaired, customer drove the vehicle off with no problems. Vehicle has no leak to this day. It was fixed correctly the first time at Twin, and the total cost was about 35% - 40% below the average cost of that repair in our area.


First, this woman said, "It was running great until we took it to Twin." She is giving the impression to readers that Twin had done something to make the vehicle not run correctly.  This is a false statement. The vehicle was brought to Twin for repair because it first had a problem, that Twin fixed. No request was made, nor did Twin look at anything related to the transmission at that first visit.


Second, she purposely infers that her son's transmission failed because they brought it to Twin. Remember, the vehicle had only been at Twin one time before, and that was to fix a leaking radiator which Twin did repair.  Let's also remember that the transmission was 16 years old, and had 187,614 miles on it at time of failure. Also, remember that the vehicle failed while being operated by the vehicle’s owner.


There is no evidence given by this woman that the new owners of this 16-year-old vehicle, with nearly 200,000 miles on it, made any attempt prior to purchase or immediately after purchase to check on the health/status of the vehicle's transmission - until it suddenly failed.


More than an entire month later on 09-26-2016, (not two weeks as she claims), Alan, (not his mother) brought the vehicle to Twin again, because the vehicle’s transmission would only shift into 2nd gear. It was determined by Twin that an internal failure had occurred to the transmission. Our transmission engineer, with over 28 years experience, provided the customer with options for repair.


The broken radiator and internal transmission failure had nothing to do with each other, as this woman would have you believe. They were two independently separate instances where the Honda failed.


The customer, Alan, was given the following options: purchase a new transmission, having a complete rebuild on the vehicle's current transmission, a repair of only the internal parts that had failed, or replacement with a quality used transmission.


A full and complete diagnostic and estimate is given to all customers prior to any work being done, complete with pricing choices for all four (4) options for a repair.


Related to these options, there are certain items that are common to all: removal & installation of the transmission, fluids, filter kit, and servicing & testing after repair. There are remaining repair options which can change the actual cost of the repair, which for Alan ranged from $775.00 to $3,295.00, depending upon his choice of repair.  We advise, but the choice is always up to the customer.


On 09-14-2016, Alan came and told us that he would decide whether or not to repair the vehicle and would get back with us in a few days.


On 09-19-2016, Alan let us know that he had decided not to repair the transmission.


A few days later, on 09-26-2016, Alan's girlfriend told Twin that Alan wanted to sell Twin the vehicle. (He had sold us other vehicle(s) in the past.) It was Alan's request to sell the vehicle to Twin, not the other way around as stated by his mother.


She also claims to have a friend, (conveniently unnamed), that had his part installed "upside down".  Vehicle parts are often manufactured in such a way as to prevent that from happening. Vehicles that have parts installed "upside down" do not work correctly. Furthermore, this supposed customer never came to have this corrected under warranty.  At Twin, we always support our customers after the repairs are completed.


Again, I remind you, this woman is not, and has never been, a customer of Twin Automotive.


Twin cannot and will not be responsible for decisions someone else made.