Negative Review about Twin Automotive

"Donít go here. Couldnít find a bad ground connection from battery to chassis in 3 days!"


Twin Automotive's response:


Greetings to all from Twin Automotive.


We are always happy to assist our customers with any follow-up questions or concerns.


We examined our database back 5 years, and no such customer by this name appears. We suspect it is a competitor. All technicians at Twin Automotive have a minimum of 20 years experience each, and our shop foreman/engine technician has 30 years experience.


As battery and cable issues are very common and simple to deal with, not even an inexperienced person would believe that it would take an experienced engine technician (of 30 years), 3 days to diagnose a bad battery cable. This is a fake review.


Sorry this person wasted your time, but we also believe in having the record set straight. Everyone believes the complainer, until the other side is heard from.


Thanks for listening. Hope everyone reading this has a good day.