Customer's Negative Reivew:


"The work done to my truck was of the highest quality, and I don't want to trash Twin's reputation, but the bill I got was almost double the quote. First I called to get a quote and I was told 195. A week later I scheduled my work to be done. He called me later that day and told me 295. Being a mechanic I completely understand going over budget when a job is bid, but my final bill was 463. that's almost 300 over the original quote. Again, great work. just don't expect a quote to mean anything."

Twin Automotive's response:


Here at Twin Automotive we really do appreciate Tony Peachee as a customer and it is true that we strive to perform the highest quality work for you at the lowest price consistent with safety, quality, and manufacturer's specifications.

Mr. Peachee however, does not tell the whole story. He approved all costs BEFORE any work began, and signed the invoice stating that. Not once did he ever object to or question any charges.

Mr. Peachee's total bill for almost a full day's work was $463.69. At the dealership Mr. Peachee would have paid over $752.00. We verified this with the local Ford dealership. Same skill level, same manufacturer proceedures, same special tools.

At Mr. Peachees phone call he asked for spark plugs change out, and he was to supply the parts. This was "estimated" at $195.00, over the phone, never having seen the vehicle, and based upon Mr. Peachee's vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. The Dealership charges $425.00 for this same service, dealer diagnostic not included.

Upon arrival Mr. Peachee also asked to have all ignition coils tested in addition to replacing the plugs. This would require the technician to spend more time, and thus, a slightly higher charge. Mr. Peachee agreed to this in advance, before any work was done.

Mr. Peachee also agreed to have the diagnostic completed on his vehicle to be certain that what the vehicle was actually doing wrong would be corrected by changing the plugs.

All this work, replacing plugs, testing coils, diagnosing vehicle - totaled $292.50 Way below dealership charge just to replace the plugs alone. Mr. Peachee was given the cost and he approved the charges BEFORE any work was done.

Mr. Peachee's vehicle has extended length/style ignition spark plugs, not conventional ones, and they are well know for breaking off into the engine cylinder head. Mr. Peachee was informed of this in advance, and as a mechanic, stated that he fully understood everything that was explained to him prior to work being done.

During the removal process, it was noted that two of the spark plugs would have to be extracted using the vehicle manufacturer's special tools and proceedures.

All work stopped, and Mr. Peachee was contacted.

Mr. Peachee approved the extra 2 hours labor needed to remove the broken spark plugs and replace them with new ones.

It is important to remember, that all costs were again explained to Mr. Peachee and he approved them BEFORE the spark plug extractions began. Total extraction cost: $130.00. Same work, same tools at the dealership is $260.00.

The work was done quickly and efficiently.

If Mr. Peachee had had a problem with the bill he had multiple opportunities to say so. He did not. The bill he signed, also states that he approved all parts and/or costs PRIOR to any work being performed on his vehicle.

Setting the record straight.